Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday Crafternoon : My First Mini Album!

I'm so excited to share my first attempt at a mini book with you! I've admired these cute small scrapbooks for years now, but this is my first attempt at my own.

Saturday Crafternoon: My First Mini Album!

This mini book's theme is all about Birdie, my boyfriend's adorable little 5 month old Boxer baby

I started with my manilla folders. They make great bases for all kinds of craft projects...i try to use them in the place of i cut out my mini book pages from the folders:

Next, I printed out pics of Little Miss Birdie =)

Then i started building my pages. Since i'm kinda new to scrapbooking, i kept this first book simple, using just pictures and stickers to embellish. Here's how i did my cover:

I used these smaller chipboard letters to trace out "Birdie Love" on dog patterned scrapbook paper:

...and here is how my other pages turned out!!

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