Friday, March 18, 2011

i'm baaack! Vegan Apple Crisp revamped!

**DISCLAIMER : im soo sorry about the terrible picture quality, i still do not own a digital camera so my phone is the only way i have of documenting...

so, when my honey got sick a couple of weeks ago, I had to find easy recipes that he would eat and being that apples are his favorite, a hot apple crisp was just what the doctor ordered! here is a new, revised version of a recipe (i think!) i've posted before...


ingredients: oats, cinnamon, sea salt, vanilla extract, corn starch, apples, agave and/or honey, earth balance

(forgot to photgraph earth balace originally...)

first, set oven to 350

next, peel, core and slice apples

next, put apple slices, a dash of sea salt, cinnamon, a splash of vanilla, enough agave and/or honey to sweeten and a tbsp of cornstarch in a saucepan, stir until coated and let simmer over low heat covered. optional: add about a tbsp of lemon juice

while the apples sweeten on the stove, get a food processor (a blender *might* work too...) and put a generous amount of oats, cinnamon and a dash of sea salt. process until a fine flour is formed.

next, add small bits of earth balance and process again until oat flour becomes the consistency of wet sand. next, add more oats and pulse just to combine them to the mix.

now, back to your apples, by this time, the "juice" will have thickened and expanded

now you are ready to assemble your masterpiece! pour apples into pyrex dish

pour part of your oat mixture to coat top, then add more bits of earth balance, a swirl of agave, and more oat mixture

cover with foil and bake @ 350 for 10-15 minutes, checking periodically. after 10 minutes are up, take foil off and let bake uncovered for remainder of time, checking often. you just want it to turn a golden brown color on top, but not burn! =)

...and there you have it! again, sorry for the bad picture ofthese days, i might just get a digital camera...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Christmas Cards

so im excited this year...its the holidays and for the first year, we are embarking on a Christmas card, ya know, the family photo kind. Jesse is kind of against it but said yes to me, so of course i scoured the web for the best deals on such and found:

so i wanted to show some of the awesome Christmas card designs they have available this year...

here are 10 -- just a small sampling -- of the cute cards available. the colors are really vibrant and the fonts are fun and definitely eye catching. i especially love the cards with multiple pictures--if you can't decide on one family photo, use a few! i really can't decide but my fiance will definitely help me narrow down to the best few cards for our Christmas pics this year! Cheers to a new tradition in our growing family!

so which card would YOU pick and why?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Natural Raw Snackies!!! : Kale Chips!

so, i've tried to make kale chips before and they didn't turn out quite as expected, so i tried again last night.

i forgot to take pics of the seasoning i made, but i took kale, broke it up into a bowl, and drizzled olive oil on it. then i seasoned the kale with sea salt, black peppercorn, garlic powder, and some "jesse spice" which is a special blend of spices you'll have to ask Jesse about =)

i massaged the kale to make sure it was all coated, then loaded my dehydrator trays and allowed to dehydrate overnight...

this morning...

yummy healthy green snack, ready to grab n go!!

Natural Raw Snackies!!! : gRAWnola bars

so i know its been a long time, and ive tried a TON of new things...just havent taken any pics of my creations as of late, but i decided to start back last night, so here are some awesome raw snackies to add to the collection!!

i made some granola the other day (oats, cranberries, blueberries, pecans, walnuts, cinnamon...)but it didnt get quite as crunchy as i wanted it to. i dehydrated it for almost 2 days, but it seemed like a random mix of oats and berries so i took that and made bars out of it!!

to make the bars i needed to add moisture to the dry mix, so i made a paste out of apple, dates, lemon juice, water, cinnamon and honey, and processed it together.

(i know how it looks.... bear with me lol...)

next, i took my dry granola that i had previously dehydrated....

and added it to the date apple paste

mixed 'em up...

made gRAWnola bars and dehydrated overnight...

woke up this morning and packed a great "fast food" natural yummy healthy filling snack!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peach & Blueberry Crisp

though not a raw dessert, this peach and blueberry crisp is a nice warm treat made with fresh ingredients and no white processed sugar! great choice when you are short on time and want to make a quick dessert!!

Peach & Blueberry Crisp

this fast and easy crisp will have you coming back for seconds, guaranteed!

all you need is:
-fresh peaches, peeled, pitted and sliced
-fresh berries of your choice (black and raspberries work well too!!)
-honey or agave
-uncooked oats
-nuts of your choice, *optional

all you do is mix your peach slices and berries, drizzle on some honey, sprinkle generously with cinnamon, add oats on top, drizzle on more honey and top with more cinnamon!

bake @ 350 for 15 minutes or until crisp and brown on top...easy!

Raw German Chocolate Brownies!

a couple of weekends ago, we attempted not only a raw brownie, but a raw brownie with raw german chocolate topping! it was amazing! we took the recipe here for raw german chcolate cake and modified it for the topping, while using this recipe for raw vegan brownies and marrying the two...try them!! they are delish!

Raw German Chocolate Brownies

The raw brownie was made with a simple mix of walnuts, dates, golden raisins and cocoa.

for the topping we took walnuts, honey, vanilla extract and sea salt and processed until it made a smooth paste.

next we added unsweetened coconut flakes =)

and after letting set in the fridge for a few hours, we had a very yum german chocolate raw walnut brownie...

Raw Fruit Cobblers

since peaches and blackberries are in season, we took advantage of the awesome produce sales and stocked up and made raw peach cobbler and raw blackberry cobbler.

Raw Fruit Cobblers

For the peach cobbler, i pitted and sliced the peaches with the help of my expert peach pitter boyfriend Jesse =)...he's so good at it! me, not really...anyway, then i processed the peaches with cinnamon and a bit of honey

next, for the crust and crumble, we combined walnuts, cinnamon, dates and golden raisins and processed them until crumbly, setting half of the mix aside for the top crumble of the cobbler...

after the crust and peach filling were completed, we worked on the blackberry filling, which was pretty much just like the peach filling: blackberries, cinnamon and honey processed until semi smooth, then poured into the crust...

the final product was very yummy and satisfying =)

*we also made a "cashew creme" on the side--kinda like a raw whipped cream or ice cream you would have with a traditional cobbler...