Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raw Fruit Cobblers

since peaches and blackberries are in season, we took advantage of the awesome produce sales and stocked up and made raw peach cobbler and raw blackberry cobbler.

Raw Fruit Cobblers

For the peach cobbler, i pitted and sliced the peaches with the help of my expert peach pitter boyfriend Jesse =)...he's so good at it! me, not really...anyway, then i processed the peaches with cinnamon and a bit of honey

next, for the crust and crumble, we combined walnuts, cinnamon, dates and golden raisins and processed them until crumbly, setting half of the mix aside for the top crumble of the cobbler...

after the crust and peach filling were completed, we worked on the blackberry filling, which was pretty much just like the peach filling: blackberries, cinnamon and honey processed until semi smooth, then poured into the crust...

the final product was very yummy and satisfying =)

*we also made a "cashew creme" on the side--kinda like a raw whipped cream or ice cream you would have with a traditional cobbler...

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