Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday Crafternoon : Love Always Kiss Flip Book

I got this sooo cute idea from Craft magazine's awesome blog and decided to try my own version of this fun craft to share with all of you!

Saturday Crafternoon: Love Always Kiss Flip Book

This is a cute idea to share a kiss with your sweetie at all times!! =)

To make this easy flip book, first I took a photo of myself blowing a kiss using my cell phone and sent it to flickr.

Next, i had to use a little photoshop magic to edit out the terrible lighting and make the background of my photo white:

I printed out the photo multiple times, 1 for each page of my little flip book...

Next, i used old manilla folders as a thicker page to mount the pictures on...

...and i mounted the pics on the cut out folder "pages"...

Then, i started adding my order, one heart on the first pic, two on the second, three on the third and so on, unitl the last pic is filled with hearts...

And finally i punched holes and secured the book with ribbon! So fast, easy and cute!! Make one for your sweetie today!! =)

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