Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday Crafternoon : From Blah to Beautiful DIY Frame Makeover

So i've decided to start posting DIY projects to share with whoever reads this based on the craft projects I complete. Here's the first, just in time for Valentine's Day!!!

If you're anything like me, you collect frames, but it takes you some time to figure out what you want to do with them. You can purchase basic frames pretty cheap from craft stores, Target, even Goodwill and Dollar stores. Well, some friends of mine happened to be giving away stuff they didn't sell in their garage sales after purchasing their new home, and I got this great frame. So this weekend I decided to finally do something with it!

From Blah to Beautiful DIY Frame Makeover

i started out with this frame, though it is lovely, it is pretty blah. so instead of just putting a couple pictures in their, i wanted to personalize it, make it mine.

first, i chose the pictures i wanted to use in the frame

next, i used some pretty pink, red, white and brown scrapbook papers and made a border out of a stripey paper

then, i cut out heart shapes and used letter stickers to write out captions

next, to give it a little pizzaz, i used my glue stick and glitter to decorate a few of the hearts

finally, i added all of the embellishments onto the mat

and here is the final product, back in the frame!!

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  1. Good idea with the picture frame up-date. I have some laying around but they don't have mat in them. I will come up with something...hmmmm let me think...